1. Lamb Chops
    Succulent Chops, marinated in our unique spices, cooked over charcoal
  2. Grilled Garlic King Prawn
    Marinated in garlic and herbs, barbecued in the tandoor
  3. Mali Chicken
    Grilled chicken layered with cheese
  4. Buffalo Wings
    Delicious wings marinated in barbecue sauce
  5. Mixed Platter
    Seekh Kebab. Lamb chops, Lamb and chicken tikka, Chicken wings
  1. Fillet Steak
    The most lean and tender of all our steaks.
  2. T-Bone Steak
    Short and Tender Loin cut of Beef T shape bone which adds great flavour
  3. Sirloin Steak
    Has a generous outer strip of fat which enriches the steak during grilling
  4. Rib Eye Steak
    A very flavourful steak, marbled for a tender texture.
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